Lihiyot1 Finances specializes in providing outstanding banking, finances and business development consultation for both local residents and for foreign investors, who are interested in making acquisitions in Israel and in the Israeli market and who could use someone who knows his way around the Israeli banking community.

Lihiyot1 Finances swiftly, professionally and successfully delivers comprehensive and tailored financial solutions for private as well as commercial clients, relying on a team of professional, experienced and quick to smile experts.

What We Do

Foreign Investors and SMB Banking and Financial Consultation: Liabilities and collateral mapping, analysis and adjustment; finance costs reduction; cash flow analysis; meetings and negotiations opposite bank officials; credit requests articulating; etc.

Financial Consultation for Commercial Real Estate Transactions: Negotiating financial resources and costs opposite bank officials; leasers evaluation; ROE analysis; equity Vs. leverage analysis; leases analysis and leases' financial derivatives analysis; etc.

Mortgage Consultation: Young couples' mortgages; mortgages recycling; investment real estate mortgages; loan types optimization (floating rates, fixed rates, etc.), costs optimization, etc.

Business Plans and Credit Requests: Articulating business plans and credit requests; analyzing competitive advantages; etc.

Who We Are

Ari Podliszewski-Lavi


Ari brings forth a rich and diversified managerial and banking experience including personal and commercial customers portfolio management, substantial and complex borrowers management, participating in top levels credit committees, credit requests reviews and approval, leading and managing change processes and strategic development processes.

Ari is thoroughly familiar with Israel's banking system's work methods and the way things work behind the scenes and believes in personal, professional and up close service and consultation alongside a smile.

M.A. in Knowledge Management including a thesis, Bar-Ilan University. Dissertation: The Information Gatekeeper – One for All or All for One? A new perspective for looking at the Human Information Gatekeeper as a majority in the organization and not as a minority.

B.A. in Economics, Logistics and Interdisciplinary studies, Bar Ilan university (Cum Laude). Received Dean's scholarship for excellence. Achieved a 725 score in the Israeli Psychometric Test.

Managerial and professional courses: Commercial Accountancy and Finance, Basic & Advanced Commercial Banking, International Trade, Commercial Credit Officer, Capital Market and Investments Basics, Senior Investment Adviser, Customer Relations, Self-Management and Process Management workshops and Department Managers.

Additional courses and professional training: Spokesmanship Officers course in the IDF Spokesman

Division, Basic ISO, ISO 9001:2000 Inspectors and Israeli Safety Management Standard 18001.

Certifications and Licenses: Certified commercial credit officer, licensed investment adviser (permit No. 10034) and a certified senior investment adviser.

ILIL Podliszewski-Lavi

Digital advertising & financial solutions for businesses and private clients

Visionary co–founder and co–CEO of Be1 Group (Lihiyot1), with over 10 years of experience and an ongoing drive to provide clients and businesses with comprehensive marketing, advertising, and financing solutions.

A leader, dedicated to the mission of making you the one that stands out of a crowd of thousands of people, while providing high quality copywriting, digital marketing, resume writing & upgrading, and financial services for both yourself and your business.

Founded in 2007, Be1 group provides a wide range of services. The professionals of Lihiyot1 specialize in marketing and creating business strategies for thousands of customers from various fields including: real estate, high tech, tourism, interior design, agriculture, fashion, etc. Be1 is committed to make you the 1 who leads the race!

• Department of financial and banking strategy consultation.
o Accompany commercial clients through building banking strategies, planning and raising credit lines, while specializing in complex, high volume business transactions.
o Consulting, planning, and securing commercial lines of credit for business expansion, projects, and diverse real estate transactions.
o Lead negotiations regarding credit conditions opposite senior bank executives.
o Finding creative solutions to meet the bank's credit conditions, while meeting client's financial capabilities and needs.

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